Quotes from Upcoming Profile: Part 3

I talked to local show promoter Chris DeCarlo of Kids Like You and Me (KLYAM) about the impact of bands leaving Boston, and why that has become a common trend recently.

“From what I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, the biggest thing is that it’s really expensive to live here, and that people can find cheaper cities to live in where they can still do their art. It’s really tough here for people to thrive, so that really is the biggest thing—the money factor.”


“I think, unfortunately, the city really doesn’t value art, at least in a monetary sense. It boils down to that. It’s tough in general, even booking shows, where a lot of the places have these huge rental fees you have to pay for. And then most of the bands don’t really make that much money, because they’re constantly spending money on different things, like recording and buying instruments and everything. It’s tough.”