Newstrack 4/20

Portland councilors want city to use 100% clean energy by 2040

This article had a lot of potential for date visualization, but there were not any graphs or tables that enhanced the article visually. The article itself was scarce with data, but data would have been a good addition considering the article was about lowering fossil fuel emissions, which can be quantified. Having a graph showing Portland’s current fossil fuel emission levels would have been helpful to comprehend what the city’s impact on climate change is right now. Furthermore, if there was a graph to project how switching to clean energy would effect emissions, save money, increase air quality, etc., the piece would be a lot more informative.

Instead, the news hook seemed to be that the councilors were going to formally announce the clean energy plan in the near future, but changing the nut graf to a more data/effects focused could have lead to a more comprehensive, interesting, and potentially visual article.


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