Newstrack 03/30

Stiff competition among Maine’s craft brewers leaves some with no place at the bar

This article had an interesting angle; Maine’s craft beer industry in light of an upcoming meeting to discuss the growing industry. Content-wise, having a brewer who got turned away from The Thirsty Pig would have been a good interview to have, or a comment by a very new brewer talking about the difficulties of breaking into the thriving local industry.

Visually, I think it could be a really appealing story. There are two photos that are definitely appropriate for the story and add to it, but I think there was an opportunity for more. A gallery of photos highlighting different breweries whose beers The Thirsty Pig has on tap fairly regularly could have been an interesting and informative visual bonus to the story. Or even a video that would have the same effect–the owner of The Thirsty Pig talking about the different beers, the breweries, the tastes, etc.–would have been a fun supplementary piece of media for the article.

Links or lists, or perhaps more mentions or hyperlinks to local breweries would have made the reading experience more comprehensive as well.


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