Newstrack 03/23

State: Tree-cutting to aid Maine wildlife area going well, may be ahead of schedule

In terms of media, this article had a photo up top which directly showed what was being done in this wildlife reserve, which was beneficial in the sense that the reader could more or less see the result of the tree clearing plan. A gallery could have given a more comprehensive view or the process, or more recent photos also would have been a plus. There was also a map included to show exactly where the trees were being cleared in Maine. It would have been nice to maybe have a highlighted area on the map instead of just a point to show just how much land they are clearing of trees. It would have been more impactful and useful if visually represented in this way.

As far as content, I found the story a bit one-sided. They did have 2 or so quotes from a single person who opposed the tree clearing, but they were outnumbered by the quotes from multiple sources that supported the tree clearing. It is worth mentioning, though, that the reporter provided links to previous articles that covered the criticism that plan initially spurred.


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