Newstrack 03/16

Maine keeps attracting visitors in steadily growing numbers–nearly 36 million

This article offered a really rounded view of the tourism industry in Maine. It referenced the numbers, cited popular destinations tourists go to (and where they are from), and even  explained some of the marketing strategies that the state has moving forward to make Maine seem more appealing to tourists.

The article included photos of Acadia National Park and Old Orchard Beach. I felt those were necessary to include because Acadia played a role in increasing the amount of tourists in Maine due to its 100 year anniversary last year, and Old Orchard Beach, from my experience in Maine, is where a majority of the Canadian tourists seem to go (when compared to Portland, for example). So those were visual pluses of the article.

However, what I found disappointing about the article was the lack of graphs, tables, or some sort of visual representation of the rise in tourists. The article states the numbers (which tend to get lost when they’re just listed off), but a line graph or some similar visual showing a positive, increasing trend would have been a convincing complement to the article.

I also had a problem with the lack of actual quotes coming from tourists. Granted the article was written in the off season, but the reporter just seemed to generalize what tourists say about Maine or what they want out of a vacation without giving an actual voice to them.


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