Newstrack 03/02

Environmental groups to make hard push to reverse Maine’s new solar rules

This article is particularly compelling because of the topic of the Public Utilities Commission being able overturn rules, and essentially work against protecting the environment. What’s even more interesting is the widespread backlash that the change in solar power rules received. Besides environmental groups and Maine residents, Gov. Paul LePage also was disappointed, which seemed to be uncharacteristic given his very conservative stances on other issues.

The topic was certainly newsworthy and relevant, however, I think the multimedia aspects were lackluster. There was one photo of a home with solar panels, which was presented as a tiny thumbnail on the side of the web page. I think the article would have appeared more appealing even if that one photo was put up at the top of the article. A man-on-the-street sort of video could have been interesting too, considering that it seemed like most people were not happy with the overturning of the rules based on what the article was saying. Seeing those different perspectives from residents, environmental advocates, business owners who have or who planned on having solar panels, and government officials could have been a compelling supplement to the article.


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