Newstrack 2/23

1. Podcast: Protest marches send message about Trump. Where does that energy go?

In this podcast created by editorial staff at the Portland Press Herald, the rallies that arose in response to Trump’s inauguration were analyzed. Cynthia Dill, a columnist, kept an eye on many social media forms as the rallies were taking place to gauge the response among the Trump administration as well as activists. The staff pondered what the rallies would achieve as a movement going forward. They also touched on local political happenings afterwards.

2. Podcast: Maine’s delegation engaging in politics in Washington.

This podcast focused on local politics on a national scale, and again, it discussed the actions of the Trump administration. As journalists should, they take a very unbias stance. They look at the issues and analyze the “Trump philosophy” from a logical standpoint by looking at the causes and effects of Trump’s decisions and actions. They also predict what will happen as a result. Occasionally they will offer an opinion, but they’ll try to connect it directly back to the facts and arguments they had previosly discussed. Outside of the usual columnists in this panel, there was an expert on rural Maine economy to offer perspective for a certain segment on the people in rural Maine and how they are affected by national and local governmental policies.


Like most publications, the Portland Press Herald has an active Twitter account in which they tweet their articles with relevant hashtags and retweet articles pertaining to Maine, often tweeted by other Maine news organizations. In addition, PPH retweets news updates tweeted by their reporters. The tweets tend to be follow ups to articles in the Press Herald. At the bottom of every article on the publication’s site, they include the Twitter handle for the reporter who wrote the article. They also offer an option to tweet out the article from your personal Twitter account via a button under the headline/at the bottom of the page.


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