Newstrack 2/16

Snow weighs heavy on Mainers; CMP says 15,400 without power

The Portland Press Herald addressed the high amount of snow Maine has been getting over the course of the past week. Though the article is about snow, a seemingly mundane topic for Maine that may not even appear newsworthy, reporter Gillian Graham made the story newsworthy by the angle she took.

Graham mostly addressed the difficulties the snow caused (and continues to cause) in Maine residents’ daily life. I think a logical follow-up article would be about how the state should address the problems such as outages and the blockage of streets from plowed snow. The weather can’t be controlled, especially in more extreme cases like this one, but perhaps a reporter could explore possible options for improvement–what could the state do to better prepare or react (i.e. more plows, underground power lines, etc.)?

One feature I didn’t like was the incessant use of numbers in addressing the outages and inches of snow per town. Though informational, the grafs were ones I feel that people would skim over.

On a positive note, the article included a gallery of six photos from around southern Maine to give readers a visual reference for the inches of snow given in the article. Having the gallery at the top of the article also was beneficial, because the photos were very visually appealing and may produce interest in the article itself.


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