Quotes from Upcoming Profile

Here are some quotes from my upcoming feature on the current micro-exodus of Boston bands leaving to go to other U.S. cities. I spoke to Jeff Somers of Boston-turned-Philadelphia-turned-Boston (again)-based band about why he left Boston and why others have been following in his footsteps in the past year.

“The double-edged sword of these liberal modern cities [like Boston] is the regulations and too much sterility. Everything is so safe and so controlled; there’s no room for punk rock. You need some sort of lack of structure for that to exist.”


“[Boston’s DIY scene] was better five years ago, four years ago. It was a little bit crazier. A lot of artists have moved out. There was a lot more wacky, wild, extreme music happening five years ago than there is right now. Philly’s DIY scene, there’s less paranoia about noise complaints, pissing off your fancy neighbors. You can just play music in your basement all night. It’s a mixed-up city.”


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