Newstrack 2/9

Stevie Wonder jokes that he’s going to ‘reveal the truth’ about his sight

In one of NME’s lighthearted news story, reporter Luke Morgan Britton covers a recent  quote (allegedly said in jest) by Stevie Wonder about telling “the truth” about his sight after claiming to have flown planes before.

Britton helped put the quote in context, describing in what scenario it had been said, while also offering an even  deeper context regarding conspriacy theories surrounding Wonder’s blindness. For readers who were unaware of these conspiracies, Britton conveniently had a hyperlink to a site that had comprehensive explanations for why there is a conspiracy about Wonder’s blindess (or lackthereof.)

Britton also linked to other recent articles involving Wonder, and included a sentence or so about them at the end of this article. NME does this often; they will write an article and then mention other news that has popped up about the story’s subject recently, even if it relates very minimally to the current story itself. Though I always find it a bit out of place, I think this is a good tactic to get readers to check out other articles written by NME, especially if they hadn’t read them when they were originally published.

Again, a tweet by TMZ that had a video where Wonder said he would “reveal the truth” is embedded in the article, just to substaniate the story and make that source readily available to readers.


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