No Ban, No Wall: Protesters gather at Marsh Plaza to “rally against xenophobia”

Hundreds of protesters gathered outside Marsh Plaza at Boston University on Jan. 30 to voice their frustration with President Trump’s recent ban on immigration.

“Boston is an incredibly diverse city and it’s so important for a city like Boston to stand in solidarity with the affected groups,” said Yasmin Younis, one of the rally’s organizers.

The idea for the rally arose after Trump enforced a ban on immigrants from seven primarily Islamic countries. As immigrants were being detained in airports around the country, Younis was working to gather Boston’s community to express their discontent.

“I think what [Trump] did with this executive order has sent a very terrifying message to the rest of the world,” said Rose Smith, one of the protesters present at the rally Monday.

“The fact that Trump has signed so many executive orders in such a short amount of time, and is pushing something that none of the people actually want is horrifying,” said Emily Lainet, an Emerson College student who also attended the rally.

Though fear and anger motivated protestors, the rally also offered a sense of solace to those present. Poems were read expressing sadness, but also optimism. Hopeful slogans like “The people united will never be defeated,” echoed throughout Marsh Plaza.

The protest was followed by a “debriefing session” arranged by Younis in order to discuss practical steps to take moving forward in the fight against xenophobia.

“I hope this makes noise and gets the attention of those who don’t necessarily understand why what’s happening is wrong,” said Younis. “I hope people will use this momentum to continue to strive to make a difference.”


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