Newstrack 2/2

Over a million sign anti-Trump petition shared by Lily Allen, Ewan McGregor and more

NME (New Musical Express) Magazine is primarily a music publication, so I appreciated how even in their political coverage, they made a connection directly to music (in this case, musicians against Trump). Considering NME is based in London, I was interested to see how they would cover stories in the United States, especially regarding the election and the after effects.


The article did a good job of summarizing the info about the petition very briefly. It’s clear that it was written for an audience trying to get their news quickly and in the most succinct form possible. The article itself is an aggregation of info from other sites like The Independent, which is not my preferred form of reporting, but it serves its purpose. NME does however add their own bit of news by commenting on the musical/cultural relevance to the aggregated news/quotes.


NME also embedded tweets by the musicians they reported on into the article, a practice they do often. I find that very helpful, because it supplements the article well while also making the tweet readily available (i.e. you don’t have to scroll through the musicians’ Twitter feeds in order to find the tweets mentioned in the article).


Though the reporting is a little unoriginal when it comes to major news events outside of music, NME does report in a way that would appeal to their audience (namely through connecting the news to music/musicians and making the articles brief) and actively includes references to (and advertises their articles on) social media.